Energy Performance Assessments

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are now compulsory for all Residential and Commercial properties in the UK. 

They show how energy efficient the property is and therefore how good it is at retaining the energy produced on site within the confines of the property, thus reducing the property's affect on the environment.

When a property is either let or sold it requires an Energy Performance Certificate to be in place. It is a criminal offence if this is not adhered to, punishable with a large fine.

The certificates produced look very similar to those you see on new fridges and are produced by recording various information from site and entering it into a special software program.

The factors that can materially affect the property's energy rating can be:

- The age of the property;

- type of insulation (wall or roof);

- Amount, and type, of glazing;

- Position of property in relation to neighbouring properties;

- Type of heating and hot water system;

- Type of lighting fitted

- Type of air conditioning system fitted

- Type of roof

- Size of the property

The person responsible for ensuring that either a Commercial EPC or Residential EPC is in place at the appropriate time, is the Landlord.

Only licensed Domestic Energy Assessors can produce the Residential EPCs and licenced Non-Domestic Energy Assessors can produce Commercial EPCs.

M4U is licensed to undertake both types of assessments.


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